A growing regional bank with a substantial customer base was looking to break away from sporadic communication and revamp its image and communication to match its forward-looking vision and rising ambitions.

S2C Approach

S2C developed a communication strategy that was set to achieve the following:

  • Oversee a market research study for both internal and external stakeholders and the recruitment of a branding and corporate identity agency
  • Capitalize on the Bank’s current strengths and reposition the brand to more effectively address the concerns and expectations of its various stakeholders
  • Revamp the bank’s vision, mission and set of values and communicate them to its stakeholders
  • Mold an optimal relationship and way of communicating with customers
  • Disseminate specific messages to each target audience



The bank was successfully able to reposition itself while increasing its share of voice in the markets in which it operated, thereby allowing it to attract a larger number of customers and to target a new segment of high class clientele.