Communication Strategy Development
With globalization rampant as it is and competition becoming ever fiercer, coming up with the right positioning and subsequent messaging and carving out a distinctive place for oneself is undoubtedly a challenging exercise.
Implementation & Performance Management
The best and most visionary of communication strategies will fail to create any actual value for an organization if it is not implemented with the utmost financial efficiency.
Networking, Lobbying & Stakeholder Relations
Reaching out to and engaging stakeholders sharing common interests or able to influence public opinion and/or decision-makers is often critical for both private businesses and Government entities
Capacity Building
What started out as a secondary support function within organizations has now become an independent function in its own right.
Media Doctoring
With the mushrooming of media outlets that the Middle East has witnessed in the past decade, many outlets based all over the region find themselves vying for a position in overcrowded, saturated markets.
Political & Corporate Executive Media Training
The success of any communication strategy hinges on the ability of a given company or public entity’s spokesperson to effectively relay the messages and strategic content developed therein.