As part of a local Government efforts to improve social and economic living conditions in the country, a public entity was established with a mandate to set up a number of land and property development projects in one of the least developed and most troubled areas in the nation.

S2C Approach

S2C was mandated with developing a communication strategy set to achieve the following:

  • Highlight the role of the entity and position its different projects in a way to attract potential developers, investors and tenants while securing the buy-in of the local population
  • Position the entity’s first landmark project through a multi-dimensional approach
  • Differentiate the client’s product and service offering and leverage the competitive advantage and the unique attributes of the project vis-à-vis the competition and the different stakeholders
  • Address local resistance through precise messaging that takes into account the local culture and social order



The Government was able to successfully develop a key land development project that attracted tenants and investors and allowed to create much-needed jobs and peripheral economic opportunities.