Despite a regional Government’s efforts to roll out an e-Government program to shift the delivery of Government services towards an automated system, the program gathered low visibility in addition to facing internal resistance to change amongst employees.

S2C Approach

S2C developed a three-level comprehensive communication strategy that was set to achieve the following:

  • Enable the understanding of complex technicalities related to the program and achieve maximum awareness, buy-in and participation in e-Government
  • Communicate the clear benefits of the program to all stakeholders, particularly the general public and business community
  • Communicate in a clear way the Government entity’s higher-level vision as well as its function, highlighting its positive role in transforming the country on the social and economic levels
  • Counter internal resistance and obtain the buy-in of Government employees and entities, highlighting the importance of their partnership as well as the program’s benefits for them



The Government was able to successfully launch its e-government program and to create positive momentum towards the adoption of the range of services that was offered via its platform.