A regional Government set out to develop and put into action a National Environment Vision to ensure the country’s environmental sustainability, all while withstanding the resistance of various stakeholders.

S2C Approach

S2C devised a comprehensive communication strategy that was set to achieve the following:

  • Garner the buy-in of the country’s senior leadership prior to the launch of the Vision to counter foreseen resistance
  • Raise awareness of the importance of the Vision and maintain the momentum by reaching out to and engaging key influencers and opinion leaders
  • Reach the desired attitudinal and behavioral changes among stakeholders by preemptively easing their concerns
  • Persuade key stakeholders to accept some of the trade-offs that were to be made by leveraging networks and relations



Achieved extensive stakeholder support for the Vision and the policies that emanated from it, as well as wide citizen adoption of the effected changes with minimal resistance compared to what was initially feared.