A regional Government set out to change prevalent passive and cynical attitudes vis-à-vis the country and re-establish a new social contract and system of values based on national unity and cohesion.

S2C Approach

S2C developed a national cohesion and unity strategy that was set to achieve the following:

  • Communicate the leadership’s vision of an open, unified and cohesive society that practices true citizenship and promotes a system of values
  • Establish a true partnership between citizens and the Government and activate the People’s role
  • Instill a sense of ‘belonging’ and ‘national pride’ among citizens and ensure public buy-in of Government initiatives



The devised strategy was successful in many ways, as it:

  • Achieved a shield of immunity during regional strife and war
  • Provided a healthier environment that led to Parliamentary Elections which succeeded in reconnecting with democratic values
  • Launched a ‘corner-stone’ debate in the long process of achieving political reform, economic prosperity, women and youth empowerment, political parties desiderata, etc.