A flagship public institution in the GCC, reporting directly to the nation's highest leadership and aiming at developing science and technology in the country, was facing a multitude of challenges in fulfilling its mission and was failing to have the optimal impact it was expected to yield.

S2C Approach

S2C developed comprehensive external and internal communication strategies whose objectives were to:

  • Fully reposition the institution and its brand and overhaul its internal culture and communication practices accordingly
  • Highlight the unique role that the institution is playing on a national level
  • Optimize the institution's communication capabilities and output
  • Establish the modus operandi and communcation matrix for the institution's rapports and engagements with its multitude of stakeholders (Government agencies; scientific agencies and research centers; academia; foreign agencies; etc.)


Communication efforts largely succeeded in enhancing the equity and profile of the institution, both locally and internationally, while capacity building efforts helped enhance the organization's performance and output.