The association mandated with safeguarding the wellbeing of arguably the most important economic sector in this Levantine country was facing tremendous pressures from both a growingly-hostile public opinion, as well as watchful international regulatory authorities keeping a close eye on the sector’s performance and operations.

S2C Approach

S2C developed a communication strategy that was set to achieve the following objectives:

  • Immunize the sector and reclaim its lost equity
  • Showcase the contributions of the sector to the local economy
  • Minimize negative media coverage impacting the reputation of the sector by strengthening the rapports between the Association’s members and key media outlet in the country
  • Establish better synergy between networking and lobbying efforts undertaken abroad and stakeholder outreach and engagement efforts rolled out in the country



The sector was able to regain an important part of the equity and favorable image that it had lost, while concurrently improving the relations that characterize the rapports between its major players and other sectors of the economy, most notably the media.