A leading international ridesharing technology company was looking to establish and expand its presence in a major country in the Levant despite the fierce opposition that it was expecting to face from local industry stakeholders, similar to previous cases it faced in Europe, North America, and elsewhere.

S2C Approach

S2C developed a comprehensive lobbying and networking strategy which sought to:

  • Minimize opposition to the client's entry into the market
  • Establish positive rapports and build relationships with decision makers
  • Highlight to regulators and stakeholders the numerous economic and social advantages of allowing the client to operate in the country
  • Build wide public support and create a momentum that would render inevitable legalizing the operations of the client in the market
  • Position the entry of the client into the market as a positive signal to international investors
  • Provide the client with the right dose of media exposure to enhance its profile, credibility, and commercial appeal


The lobbying and networking strategy largely paid off, with the client exponentially growing its market share in the following period and with minimal opposition from stakeholders with conflicting vested interests.