Views, Reviews & Previews accompanies the reader on a journey intended to give media and communication their rightful due. Throughout its different chapters, the book makes the case for new media and communication scenes in the Arab world in the wake of its Spring, finally fulfilling their roles as enablers of democracy and true citizenship. It also endeavors to propose answers to several essential questions including: What will the future of the Arab World, the Arab Spring, and the Arab Media be like? How will we communicate in the coming decades? Will we remain as we are, mere consumers of media and communication, or will we rise above and fashion our media ourselves? And many more.

Freedom of Expression: The Adolescence of Media or “Propaganda”

Chapter 1 opens the book by exploring the origin and meaning of freedom of expression, before moving to a historical overview of the emergence of Media and its evolution up to our present day, paying particular attention to the adolescence of Media as propaganda.

The Maturity of Media: The Fourth Estate

Chapter 2 examines the growth of media away from propaganda and into the Fourth Estate, identifies the maturing elements it requires to fulfill its potential as a pillar of democracy, and calls for the development of a code of ethics for the profession based on the auto-regulation of the industry and a partnership between the State and the media.

Media Dualities: The First Face, Dr. Jekyll

Chapter 3 explores the existing dichotomy in the profession by introducing its contradictory yet complimentary sides, beginning with Dr. Jekyll, media’s ideal face, capable of raising human conduct to the highest levels of excellence and maturity.

Media Dualities: The Second Face, Mr. Hyde

Chapter 4 continues exploring the duality inherent to media by examining its other face, namely Dr. Hyde, representing the dark theater of the errors and vices of Man and the extent of their damage on media performance.

Media Twins

Chapter 5 offers through analyses of Media and its relationship to its many twins, described as the soul mates or doorway[s] to civilization of the discipline, including Freedom, Reform, Dreams, Peace and War, as well as Technology.

Media and Advertising

Chapter 6 examines the relationship between Media and Advertising and seeks to do justice to the latter, long denied the recognition it deserves for allowing media to fulfill its role as an independent power by endowing it with the financial resources it requires to do so.

How is Media Taught?

Chapter 7 demonstrates the difference between professionals and mere practitioners by detailing the ways in which media is instructed in the Francophone, Anglo-Saxon, and Arab worlds, ultimately making the case for an Arab media school needed to overcome the many difficulties facing Arab media education (also detailed).

The Dust of the Arab Spring: Media in the Eye of the Storm

Chapter 8 sets the stage for the books closing chapter, providing a well-rounded description and analysis of the current state of the media scene in the wake of the Arab Spring, and answering some of the most pressing questions around the matter by highlighting the threats and opportunities that will likely present themselves as a result.

Journey into the Future: Arab Media 2030-2040

Based on the current state of affairs described in the previous chapter, Chapter 9 ends the book on a predictive note, constructing a hypothetical yet realistic vision of the future Arab world, and examining the state of media and communication in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Tunisia two or three decades down the line.

Book Launch

Views, Reviews and Previews: Media, Communication and the Arab Spring was launched in early 2012 in both English and Arabic.

The launch of the book’s Arabic version (published by Dar Annahar) was hosted at AUBs Issam Fares Hall during an event attended by prominent politicians and civil servants, leading private sector heads, literacy critics and opinion leaders, as well as industry colleagues and friends. A panel discussion featuring reputable journalist Mr. Talal Salman and notable media personality Ms. Gisele Khoury was held, followed by an intimate book signing ceremony during which Mr. Najjar has the opportunity to further discuss the book with those present.

The English version of the book (published in association with Executive) was launched on April 27th, 2012 at le Bristol Hotel during a book signing event attended by public officials, foreign ambassadors, notable journalists and editorialists, members of the media, and other readers with an interest in the books premise and insights.

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