The best and most visionary of communication strategies will fail to create any actual value for an organization if it is not implemented with the utmost financial efficiency. Indeed, budget-related setbacks or misallocations can seriously impede the implementation process or even bring it to a complete halt, depriving organizations of ever seeing their communication strategies come to fruition. It is therefore of the essence to closely monitor and control all communication-related expenditures from the very beginning of the implementation process, thus ensuring that it is carried out as initially intended.

S2C thus develops tailored communication budgets for its clients, helping them to determine how much to invest and how to allocate the said investment. It also strives to ensure that clients get the most out of every dollar spent on communication, leveraging its experience and relationships with different players and suppliers in the media and communication industry, thereby maximizing the financial efficiency of all implementation-related activities.

Beyond the theoretical development of communication strategies, it is imperative to ensure that any communication plan is successfully implemented on a practical level, doing the initial vision justice. Any number of things can go wrong during implementation, which most often requires the work of several communication service providers such as advertising agencies, web developers, or event organizers.

S2C works with the client to offset this risk, having the needed intimate knowledge of the strategy to oversee the entire implementation process and ensure that quality remains uncompromised. S2C thus manages and controls the quality of output at every point in the process. Whether managing implementation through its own network of partners (including media, advertising, and PR agencies) or using the client’s preferred partners, S2C synergizes the work of all third parties and ensures that the final product is at the desired level of quality every time.

Clients who choose to invest in communication strategies and go on to implement them should be able to concretely measure the return on their investment. Indeed, the process does not end once a communication strategy has been carried out; it is just as important for clients to later measure the impact of communication activities in order to redirect their efforts or reassess their approach should any discrepancies between the objectives set and the impact created appear.

S2C thus helps measure the actual return on the investment made by devising tailored Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on what the client initially set out to achieve and setting them prior to implementation, allowing for the precise assessment of the impact achieved. S2C also helps its clients undertake corrective measures should results reveal any unsatisfactory gaps in outcome.