Reaching out to and engaging stakeholders sharing common interests or able to influence public opinion and/or decision-makers is often critical for both private businesses and Government entities, as well as for politicians and senior executives with an agenda or program to promote, or particular objectives to achieve.

In addition to developing well-targeted strategies to optimize stakeholder relations, S2C can support its clients in relying on and leveraging its wide network, spanning across geographies and industries, helping them get their message across and generating the buy-in needed to affect the desired change.

Beyond the use of conventional mediums, S2C can recommend a series of customized and alternative channels by which to effectively engage stakeholders, allowing clients to build sufficient support by building their case and favorably swaying public opinion where needed.

Though mistakenly equated by many with backdoor politics, maintaining government relations are a necessary and legitimate practice that helps organizations shape the political and regulatory framework within which they function.

Lobbying can also help to increase the level of awareness, cooperation and support that decision makers demonstrate.

As such, S2C’s strategies help prompt a position favorable to the clients’ agendas by changing attitudes, influencing decision and policy making, and expanding the clout of organizations. It does so by developing exhaustive strategies for its clients based on a thorough situational and stakeholder analysis and through the engineering of messages and narratives aimed at influencing key stakeholders and securing their buy in.

Cultivating strong relationships and establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with the media is an important component of any solid communication strategy, whereby the media is a valuable strategic partner that can be leverage to serve an organization’s agenda by helping to effectively disseminate its message.

S2C taps into its network and leverages its long-standing relationships with leading regional media outlets to engineer strategic cooperation deals for its clients, elevating the media outlet from the status of a simple service provider to that of a full-fledged partner and ally. By doing so, it ensures that the desired degree of synergy is achieved between the two parties and that the client ultimately gets across the right message to the right audience, thereby increasing its impact on public opinion.