The success of any communication strategy hinges on the ability of a given company or public entity’s spokesperson to effectively relay the messages and strategic content developed therein. In order for this to be achieved, the message to be delivered must first be crafted using the appropriate language and tone. It must then be delivered by the spokesperson in an impactful way.

On the first account, S2C helps its clients extract sharp, powerful messages from their communication strategies. It then coaches them in delivering these messages by creating memorable sound bites that utilize the right argumentation and discourse, be it during a speech or any other type of media appearance.

Both public officials and corporate executives are expected to regularly lead meetings, deliver key presentations, and hold Q&A sessions, while often being solicited to speak at round table debates, public appearances, and various other sorts of events as well.

As such, and in order to best cater to these needs, S2C helps its clients learn, apply, and maintain the basic skills required to approach and prepare for any public speaking opportunity, from mastering impactful message delivery to optimally utilizing physical language as a powerful communication medium. These skills are also leveraged to ensure that Q&A sessions are led and concluded successfully, by fielding difficult questions and handling persistent or aggressive counterparts while remaining composed and keeping control of the situation.

Contrary to popular opinion, a media interview requires just as much – if not more – preparation than public speaking appearances. In addition to having to answer unexpected questions, the interviewee is also expected to maintain a natural demeanor. As decision makers and shapers of popular opinion, public figures are often required to be in the media spotlight and can sometimes even be thrust into controversial debates or discussions, needing to produce statements that will reflect positively on them as well as the organizations to which they belong. It is therefore imperative to be prepared for such situations, ready to field questions and make the most out of every media appearance.

S2C conducts comprehensive media training sessions, partnering with media industry experts to nurture and develop the skills of spokespeople, public officials and corporate executives alike, ultimately preparing them to face the media and turn every encounter into one that bolsters their image and conveys the desired messages. These training sessions are tailor-made according to the needs of each client and focus on content delivery (conveying a concise and strong message, rendering it engaging, and crafting sound bites), as well as on-camera appearance and demeanor (posture, hand gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, and dress code). Most importantly, the training is aimed at ensuring that the client can successfully navigate any mediatized setting and make it a beneficial opportunity.