Market matrimony

The wedding season has arrived this summer, which means not only fireworks, flowers, beautiful designer gowns, tuxedos and people spending half their salaries on wedding lists, but also pairs of souls bound for life, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health.

For better or for worse is not always easy. Marriages that last a lifetime need an extra dose of planning, a sprinkle of good faith and a pinch of foresight. Just like human beings, corporate organizations make vows to their stakeholders and decide to engage in a long term union, expecting the...

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Dima Itani and Ramsay G. Najjar

Communication of faith

What comes to mind when you hear church bells ring or the call to prayer resonate across your city? These age-old holy sounds have been echoing throughout the Arab world for centuries, and are a core part of how the region’s predominant religions connect with their followers. Most people wouldn’t think of these ancient rituals as forms of noble communication, but the way that religions reach out to their audiences is very similar to a company communicating its values.

Pious PR

This idea might seem strange at first, but if we take a closer look we might find that...

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Nohad Mouawad, Zeina Loutfi and Ramsay G. Najjar