Real deal or fake zeal?

As we finish the season of giving and head into the new year, perhaps it is time for the business world to consider its own commitments to society and take so-called corporate social responsibility (CSR) more seriously.

The Arab world has jumped on the CSR bandwagon in recent years, with countless conferences, summits and publications being dedicated to the topic. Though it is an omnipresent acronym, reflecting on it one sees that CSR sometimes fails to address important concerns. Indeed, closer scrutiny of such schemes leaves one with questions over how sincere companies are in...

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Zeina G. Najjar, Zeina Loutfi, Ramsay G. Najjar

How a moustache can cure cancer

November is the month of the year when we see a profusion of men growing moustaches, proudly sharing their pictures and enthusiastically encouraging their friends to join the movement. This “Movember” craze is organized every year to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, essentially cancer-related diseases.

What started as a pretext among friends in a pub in Australia to bring back the 70s moustache, soon became an international campaign aimed at “changing the face of men’s health.” Yet the credit does not go to a multimillion-dollar campaign, but to the most traditional, cost...

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Line Tabet, Zeina Loutfi and Ramsay G. Najjar